The VisionGiving women a brighter tomorrow.

Estimates vary widely of the number of women and children who are assaulted or otherwise abused on a daily basis by spouse or partner.
Gender based violence knows no borders but in South Africa the killing of women seems to have touched every woman of every walk of life and from every social sphere.
 It’s a critical time to ensure every woman has someplace to go and someone to help. Help make sure women in your community aren’t facing these challenges alone.

Children Playing
If a woman can only succeed by emulating men, I think it is a great loss and not a success. The aim is not only for a woman to succeed, but to keep her womanhood and let her womanhood influence society.
Suzanne Brogger

The Mission StatementWe put women first.

Gabri-EL SA works for societal change to prevent sexual and domestic violence while offering crisis intervention, skills development, and long-term advocacy services..

While we understand that our vision may not be achievable in our lifetimes, we firmly believe that violence and abuse are preventable. In support of our vision and mission, we have developed and adopted a set of values and guiding principles that inform and inspire our approach to all that we do.


The GoalTo alleviate women’s suffering.

  • Provide Safety,

    Gabri-EL South Africa is based on a farm in Pretoria. Here we set up a crisis center for women in need. We’re offering a safe haven, a place to find peace and solace.

  • Empowerment,

    Other than peace and solace we also offer skills development, a chance to improve and empower oneself. Women staying at the farm are asked to partake in the daily running of the place. We believe this practice will not only help women regain some sense of belonging and purpose, but also if we can make the farm profitable the project can gain self-sustainability.

  • Prevention.

    Organise campaigns to raise awareness and workshops to educate communities on the reality of abuse. Organise camps for young girls focused on prevention.

The ToolMoringa, the miracle tree.


Healthy lifestyle

At the farm everything we do is in some way connected to moringa. Women learn the benefits of moringa for health, economy and environment.

Skills development

Learning to grow and nurture the moringa is an integral part of our skills development. To process the moringa into tea, cheese, chocolate.. even beer.


Also for our fundraising we depend upon moringa. By selling the products made at the farm we hope to become self-sustaining.

The InvitationSponsor a tree. Live CO²-free.

As human beings we each produce about 320 kg of CO² per year. It takes 23 Japanese cedar trees 50 years to absorb this amount of CO² out of our atmosphere. However, it takes 2 moringa trees only 2 years to absorb this same amount. The more moringa trees we plant the better it is for the environment. We offer the opportunity to sponsor trees at the farm, by doing this you can be an essential part of our project, make a real impact in the lives of women and at the same time compensate for your CO² output in the most efficient way.
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