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One of the easiest ways to support us (apart from just giving money) is buying the products produced at the farm. Not only will you get good quality, fair trade (and organic) products but you also help the project gain self-sustainability. One key-element in most of our products is moringa, and this is the one product that we export to Europe, more specifically Belgium.


A spoonful moringa a day, keeps the doctor away.


We long for harmony with Gods creation and stay away from harmful substances.


We aim to provide all our workers with fair wages for their labour.


Profit goes back to the project.

The farm
Where women find peace and safety &
learn to flourish.


Available in SAStraight from the farm.

Moringa: powder, tea, oil…
Vegetables: fresh organic vegetables and fruits.
Poultry: Chickens and ducks.
Tea & drinks: Moringa tea in different flavours, juice, smoothies (and coming up: moringa beer)
Cheese: Our specialty is a soft and creamy cottage cheese, but we do cheese platters with all kinds of cheese.

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Feel inspired? Want to help?

We are always looking to meet new people, people to partner with, people who want to volunteer… Be it to work on the farm, or to help out with skills development or training.