Our Story

Jolien and I met few years ago when she came to volunteer in South Africa. What we found when we worked together in the 2012 Creating job opportunities for the youth was that we each had a dream we wanted to pursue, that our dreams fit well together, and that we got along well with each other. Although many other people have also been involved with us on and off over the past year in developing the vision for Gabri-El SA, most of them are not yet ready or not aligned closely enough to make the jump with us.

Jolien and I have spent half of the year 2015  together with her parents. Half of our time together was in Pretoria central, and half on different farms searching for a potential site for our project. When we completed the first leg of our site research together last month, we decided to set down in writing our vision for what we would like to create. Hence, this book.

Our dream is to live sustainably and harmoniously. Our dream is to have balanced lifestyles, including thinking, learning, teaching, working, writing, playing music, and childraising. Our dream is to have free time every day to spend in a beautiful place on earth we call home. Our dream is to understand our resource use and keep that resource use at a level with which we are comfortable. Our dream is to engage with technology and commodity consumption without becoming enslaved to technology or commodities or consumption. Our dream is to have regular interactions with a mix of old friends and new friends from around the world. Our dream is to participate in the development of global consciousness and the factors that support peaceful coexistence.

Our dream is to grow and eat healthy food. After many years of formal education and informal research, we are ready to create a place to live this dream. We have decided to do this by buying land in Pretoria rural and starting an agricultural and retreat or learning centre called Gabri-El SA Farm.

Our dream is to get started. We give birth to this book, as we move into the world of living this version of our dreams.


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